Red Coral Gems

Red Coral is the gemstone of the planet Mars.

  • Type of Ring: Red coral should be embedded in the gold or copper ring
  • Finger: Ring finger only.
  • Day: Tuesday

Mantra of Red Coral:

॥ ॐ अं अंगारकाय नम: ॥ ॥ Om An Angarakay Namah ॥

Quality of Red Coral:It should be Spot less. It should be free of physical defects.

Who Should wear Red Coral:Whose Mars is weak in horoscope OR your palm is having weak Mars mount.

Positive benefits of Red Coral:Coral can increase the strength of Planet Mars in the horoscope. It increases our power and enthusiasm. Wearing Coral is also very helpful to balance Manglik Dosh in horoscope. It also blood related abnormalities like Menstrual blood loss in women & difficulties of blood pressure.