My Astro Palm Book

My Astro Palm Book is unique concept started by Decoding Destiny Group to forecast future events of your life

Here, Horoscope analysis is not done in conventional way but designed according to modern astrological calculations and palmistry.

Your Life is all about the combination of wealth, health and relationships.

Each and every aspect is analyzed and available with easy explanations.

My Astro Palm Book will cover answers of all the questions asked by you.

A coordinator of our team will contact you personally to listen all your queries carefully.

Astrology Palmistry Right Prediction

My Astro Palm Book covers following analysis :

Astrology analysis:

My Wealth
  • Raj Yoga in your horoscope
  • Combination of wealth yoga
  • Analysis on type of business
  • Jobs suitable to you
  • Properties/ your personal home
  • Vehicles and luxurious life
  • Remedy to your wealth related questions
My Career
  • Selection of educational lines for ideal career
  • Guidance on existing career
  • Remedies to your questions
My Relationship
  • Ideal life partner for you
  • Lucky Zodiac signa for best relationship
  • Compatibility analysis with existing life partner
  • Remedial solution for your life-based questions
My Health
  • Nature of your physical health
  • Nature of your mental health
  • Remedial solution for your Health-based questions

Palmistry analysis:

My Fate Line
  • Forecast of your wealth and financial life
  • Job or Business Recommendation
  • Types of Job / Business recommendation
  • Will you be a Millionaire / Billionaire
My Heart Line
  • It covers your inner nature analysis
  • Your feeling is special
  • Your emotion is precious
My Life Line
  • It covers your physical nature of life
  • Prosperities in your hand
  • Accident and troubles
My Head Line
  • It covers your mental characteristics analysis
  • It shows your overall peace
  • It shows your determination power
My Relationship Line
  • Your relationships and success
  • About type and quality of your marriage
  • Multiple relationship or single
Auspicious / Inauspicious Signs
  • Auspicious Signs on your palm
  • Inauspicious Signs on your palm