Inauspicious Signs on the Palm

Whole Mount of Venus is covered by Grilles it creates excessive desire for sex (especially if Mount Venus is over developed). Grilles on mars mount: Unnecessary thinking and tensions
Island is inauspicious sign on the palm. It shows temporary damage for the period of time according to size of island. Example: Island on Head line leads to mental stress.
Cross: It is auspicious sign only on Jupiter Mount, where it indicates happy married life. On the Other Mounts, it shows Trouble and disappointment.
Tassels, also known as frayed lines, It shows chaos in particular situations. Normally it is observed at the originating point of life line which shows struggle in early stages of the life.
Descending lines: They normally reduce the power of particular line. Descending lines on life line shows ups and down in lifestyle.
Black Dots: Black dots are highly inauspicious whenever associated with lines or mounts. Example: Dot on heart line shows diseases related to heart.