Hessonite / Gomed

Hessonite/Gomed is the gemstone of the planet Rahu.

  • Type of Ring: Hessonite/Gomed should be embedded in the Silver Ring
  • Finger: Center / Index Finger
  • Day: Saturday

Mantra of Hessonite / Gomed:

॥ ॐ राहवे नम: ॥ ॥ Om Rahave Namah ॥

Quality of Hessonite / Gomed:Its color should match with Color similar to the clear urine of a cow and there should be uniformity in color.

Who Should wear Hessonite / Gomed:Whose Rahu is weak in horoscope OR your palm is having many Rahu lines cutting your fate/life line.

It removes depression, over thinking, and mental problems. Itis highly recommended for the businessman who are facing troubles through evil powers. It also helps to remove obstacles from your life.