Emerald Gems

Emerald is the gemstone of the planet Mercury.

  • Type of Ring: Emerald should be embedded in the Silver Ring OR Gold Ring
  • Finger: Last Finger (Little Finger)
  • Day: Wednesday

Mantra of Emerald:

॥ ॐ बुधाय नम: ॥ ॥ Om Budhaya Namah ॥

Quality of Emerald:There should be no black Spots on this gem and it should not be damaged physically.

Who Should wear Emerald:Whose mercury is weak in horoscope OR your business is not working well

Positive benefits of Emerald:Panna can benefit you with intellectual powers, creativity and better understanding of business subjects. Ideal gem for people who are in professional jobs like public speakers like politicians, Lawyer, and Professor etc. People who are in creative fields like Creative Directors, Designers, and Architects etc can also be benefited.