Career Selection

You may have below Questions in your mind, when you are stepping up for your career:

  • When will I get job?
  • Should I do a job or business?
  • Which career is right for me?
  • What is my right future career?
  • Are you not satisfied with your job?
  • Will I get government job or not?
  • When should I make change in my job?

It's not any easy way to get the solution when you are confused in terms of unknown career options. In Astrology several combination decides the favorable Lines for you which makes your efforts easier to convert into success.

You are running your social responsibilities and any type of financial change resulting from switching over existing profession to another one can lead to imbalance in your life.

We hereby a team of professional astrologers and palmist will help you to come out of such confusions.

If you are facing any troubles related to loss in business or lack of satisfaction in job, please contact us to get best remedial solutions.

Case Study:

Lets take an example, you are running the business of food and beverages but your business is not growing well. On looking your horoscope, Planet Moon must be strong for the business of beverages.

Week moon may lead to imbalance in your beverage business.

Planets Signify Types of Business/Job:


Government Job, Scientists, Politics, Doctors
Water, Irrigation, Navy, Food
Army, Sports, Fire, Energy, Metal
Finance, Law, Treasury, Scholars, Priests, Politicians, Advertising
Intellect, Writing, Teaching, Merchandise, Clerks, Accountants, Editors, Transport, Astrologers
Real Estate, Labour, Agriculture, Building Trades, Mining, Monk
Pleasures, Luxuries, Beauty, Art, Music, Entertainment Industry, Sex Industry, Hotels
Researchers, Engineers, Physicians, Medicine / Drugs, Speculators, Aviation, Electricity, Waste
Idealism, Enlightenment, Religion, Secret Affairs, Poisons