Auspicious Signs on the Palm

Triangle on the moon mount gives imaginary nature and creative mind. On the Mercury Mount, it gives high intelligence. On the mars mount, it makes one enthusiastic.
Trident on Venus mount indicates success in love/relationships. Trident on Mars mount makes successful athlete. Trident on the end of heart line shows wealthy life.
Square on the Jupiter mount gives happiness. This is protective sign which saves from the disasters, when present on the cut sections of lines.
Fish is highly auspicious sign generally found on moon and Venus mounts. It makes one travelling in the world and makes wealthy.
When Circle is found on the sun mount, it brings fame. On the Jupiter mount, it shows great interest in politics. On the Saturn mount, it makes person selfish.
Star is highly Auspicious sign on Mount of sun. It gives tremendous fame and popularity. Normally this combination is found on the palm of actors. Star on the Jupiter assures honor and power.
Vertical Lines are considered Auspicious on the mount, as it improves quality of related mount. Single vertical line on Mercury mount shows unexpected sudden financial gain.