About Gems

A Gemstone Can Change Your Life!

A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry. when malicious planets operate in their major dasha period, then they not only bring inauspicious results the person in physical level but also challenges a person on the mental level. And, these malefic planets create trouble in the personal and professional life of an ascendant by introducing obstacles in their life.

However, in order to overcome malefic results, the gemstone which is suggested by the astrologers/palmistsneeds to be worn eventually. Radiation penetrates down inside the human body to dispel all the negative forces through the gemstone.

Astrologers and Palmists often advise wearing of gemstones in the form of rings or necklace to derive natural energies of these stones in the life of a human being. Mostly these gemstones are found in the oceans or in rocks.

Different varieties of gemstones are connected with different planets and affects positively to overcome negative effects of planets.

We have a Astro-Palmistry technique to predict your future, which is quite unique approach to find the best possible solutions of your questions.

Since we know that there are nine planets and each one of them is being affiliated with the different gemstone which holds unique properties to bring the positive changes in the life of an ascendant.